Each of these structured sessions gives our students a solid foundation in pole dancing & movement. These classes are lively, exciting, and fun! Beginner classes incorporate the Aradia Fitness floor workout as well fundamental pole dance transitions, spins, tricks and strength building exercises. Students must attend at least eight (8) classes of each level before being eligible to advance to the next level.

Pole L1

Pole 1 introduces clients to the perfect mix of pole work and movement… transforming your mind & body as learn body awareness. This class is designed on a 4-week lesson plan rotation and includes an important mix of our yoga-fusion workout as well as strength training on the pole. Clients will also learn a variety of pole dance spins & transitions and how to them together into mini choreographies. Pre-requisite to attend Pole 1 is the completion of at least one “Intro to Pole”.

Pole L2

In Pole 2, clients continue to explore more challenging spins, tricks & transitions and be introduced to pole climbing, sitting and inverting. We will begin to phase out the yoga-fusion workout and transition to more strength-training using the pole. Pole 2 is based on a 4-week lesson plan rotation.

Pole L3

In Pole 3 clients are introduced to flying high on the pole as we continue to invert (flip upside down) and climb! All that hard work in Pole 1 and Pole 2 will pay off as you tackle even more challenging spins, tricks and transitions. Instructors will also begin to transition clients to “freestyle” dancing where you will learn how to effortlessly put everything you know together into your own dance style. Pole 3 is based on a 4-week lesson plan rotation.

Pole L4

In Pole 4, clients are challenged even more as we begin to tackle static aerial holds using different parts of our body, such as inner thighs and hips. The spins, transitions and strength work become increasingly more challenging as we continue to prepare clients for more advanced levels. Pole 4 is based on a 4-week lesson plan rotation.

Pole L5

Welcome to Pole 5 – a high flying composition of challenging new thigh & hip holds, impressive spins and intense strength building techniques. This class will challenge you with exciting new feats of athleticism! By this point, you will be comfortable with freestyle dancing and instructors will help you create interesting new ways to seamlessly flow your spins, tricks & transitions together into a stunning performance. Pole 5 is based on a 4-week lesson plan rotation.

Pole L6

The journey to reach Pole 6 has been full of laughter, bumps & bruises and challenges you never thought you were capable of overcoming! In this level, you will be challenged even more with advanced spins, tricks & transitions. Clients will learn new ways of climbing and inverting on the pole as well as truly acrobatic aerial static holds. Your strength & flexibility will continue to grow! Pole 6 is based on a 4-week lesson plan rotation.

Pole L7

Welcome to our advanced series where clients have successfully mastered Pole 1 through Pole 6 and are ready to take their pole journey to the next level. In Pole 7, instructors will cover various topics from pole techniques, new combos, drops & handsprings, acrobatic floor work and move.

Pole L8

The crème de la crème of pole dance fitness! This class takes it up a notch with deadlifts, expert level tricks and combos and higher complexity drops, transitions and flips.

For safety reasons, ARADIA FITNESS REQUIRES ALL STUDENTS TO PASS AN ASSESSMENT WITH AN INSTRUCTOR PRIOR TO ADVANCING TO THE NEXT LEVEL.  Taking at least one class per week (if not more) will help you progress faster than taking classes infrequently (your frequency will determine how many classes you may need to reach the strength to assess to the next level) . Clients are welcome to attend any Pole Level class at their current approved level or any lower level. Aradia Fitness also offers some Mixed-Level pole dance class options for clients to attend in addition to their structured pole level class such as Mixed Level 2 & 3.  Mixed level classes may count towards a student’s class count for pole advancement & assessment.

** IMPORTANT ** First-time pole dance students must begin with a “Intro to Pole” class.  After completion of your intro class, you will then be eligible to attend any Pole 1 or Beginner Pole class on the schedule. During your first class, your instructor will give you an overview of how clients can progress through their pole journey at Aradia Fitness!

Clients who are a first-time visitor to Aradia Fitness, but already have pole dance experience, please Contact Us prior to your first class for an email consultation & level placement. We welcome pole enthusiasts from near & far to train with us at Aradia Fitness!  Also, if you’ve had more than a 2 month break from pole, you may want to level down for just a few classes to ensure your strength is still on pace for your current level. Pole Fit classes will progress your learning and all pre-requisites are listed if any.

Pre-registration is required for all Classes and Sessions.

Aradia Fitness offers alternative fitness in a fun, safe, supportive, and non-judgmental environment.

We are the biggest and longest-running pole fitness franchise business globally, but we are not just about pole dancing. Aradia Fitness is a community of individuals growing in strength and confidence, empowering each other to reach goals in their lives that they thought were unattainable or never would have imagined for themselves.

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Today's Classes


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